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Welcome to Casa Arboles, Tamarindo's best-kept secret for surf aficionados! Our spot isn't just a place to stay—it's a wave-rider's paradise. Nestled securely in the midst of the action, our unique abode guarantees memories that'll ride with you forever. Hang out with the local monkeys, catch some epic surf breaks, or dive into the Tamarindo scene—all from the comfort of Casa Arboles, where we've got your back!

Our rad rooms are up for grabs, whether you're here for a quick surf trip or a long-term stoke-filled escape. Prices vary depending on the surf season, of course. Just a quick 5-minute walk and you're at the beach, ready to shred. And when the sun sets, crash out in your room, surrounded by the vibrant sounds of the jungle—because who needs city noise when you've got the calls of tropical fauna as your lullaby? Ride the wave, live the dream, and stay salty at Casa Arboles!

Our host are happy to welcome you and guide you around town. 

Haven Near Town

Enjoy the best of both worlds: cozy accommodations just moments from town, yet nestled in serene tranquility, offering proximity to the best waves.



Surf lessons, scuba diving tours, golf, hot springs, volcanos, zip lines, town nightlife...



No matter what type of fish you are looking for, we can help you catch the fish of your dreams. 


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